6 Died in Santa Monica College Shooting, in Addition to Gunman

The police station declared after the end of a shooting rampage in Santa Monica College that seven people are died including the gunman.
The police chief of Santa Monica Seabrooks said that the violent shooting rampage started in the 2000 block of Yorkshire Avenue just before noon.
The authorities declared that they found two people died in Yorkshire Avenue.
So according to their declaration, the gunman turned west to start shooting everything including a police car and a bus.
There are women died at the hospital, and two people died at the 19th street and Pico Boulevard, and one person in the Cloverfield and Pico Boulevard, as the authorities declared.
The chief police of Santa Monica Seabrooks said that the gunman may be not alone in his big crime and may be another person who helped him.
And he added that the authorities are convenient 100% that the gunman was alone in his operation. 
The authorities said that the suspect man runs away onto Santa Monica College, and he was persuaded by the policemen. There, he shot women and killed her then he run to the library contains fire round from an assault rifle.
Then the policemen shot the suspect and killed him on campus, so the gunman is not yet identified and the authorities described him of being between the age of 25 and 30 years old.
Finally, the authorities saved Santa Monica College and all school round it, after the shooting rampage.
It is mentioned that Barak Obama was a few miles away when he attending a fundraiser.
During this time, there are a lot of students in the campus who are studying, as Stephen Bell and his colleagues were preparing themselves for their final tap performance when two women run into their Santa Monica College from the gunman.

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