The Anniversary of D-Day in France for 69th

On Thursday in France when the Commemorations of the 69th anniversary begun in the American cemetery, which is in Omaha Beach.
People gathered from Britain and United States for the commemorations of the 69th who gathered in the morning in a warm, brilliant, and spring sky to watch the flag-raising in the middle organized rows of the white crosses and stars for the anniversary of the American soldiers and women who killed during the Normandy invasion which begun in June 6, 1944.
This important day for aliens includes fireworks, live concerts and marches in the honor of the soldiers of the aliens who were 150,000 soldiers of Canada, Britain, and United States who killed in the Normandy war by the German troops when the German forces led by Hitler occupied Western Europe during the World War II.
The ceremony includes two rows of US Vets with old uniforms and pinned with medals, at the Omaha Beach.
So there are in this cemetery 9000 American soldier who died through the savage war in the French Beach against the Nazi fire.
The British forces presented veterans from Norfolk and Suffolk to help in dig trenches and shelters in the invasion, The Telegraph, and who is a pioneer forces member.
It is announced that Normandy landing was the first operation carried out by the Western Allied forces in the invasion of Normandy, famous also in the process of Neptune, which is also part of the process of Overlord, during World War II. Began landing on Tuesday, June 6, 1944, at 6:30 pm British Summer double (UTC 2), which is the zero hour, or (D-Day) in the military.
The operation is the largest process in a single day at all, and that 160,000 fighters landing on June 6, 1944. And with the participation of 195 700 nautical navigators and commercial allies on board more than 5,000 ships.
Has a length of 50 landings miles \ 80.4 km on the Normandy coastline and is divided into five sectors: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.

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