Lohan to utilize hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Reports revealed that the movie star and controversy " Lindsey Lohan" resorted to hypnosis in an attempt to quit smoking cigarettes before she appear on stage to participate in the play Speed-the-Plow to be presented on 24 September.

Reports indicated that the star has resorted to means of alternative therapy to stop the addiction to nicotine, and the sources added that "Lindsay" knows that all eyes will focus on what make she wary of the possibility of feeling the urge to get a dose of nicotine during the show so she decided to stop once and for all smoking, according to The Web site contactmusic.

The source said that despite the lack of belief of many usefulness of hypnotherapy, "Lindsay" is ready to experience anything that ensures her to quit smoking.
It is worth mentioning that the actress, 28, has already entered the clinic for the treatment of addiction 6 times in 2013 and admitted to the presenter's famous "Oprah Winfrey Show" as dealing cocaine.

On the other hand , List "Lindsay Lohan," which includes the names of the men had sex with them in recent years, and which was published a few days ago, include the name of the famous singer "Justin Timberlake."
As the Web site reported inquisitor.com, "Lindsay" admitted that she had written such list herself, which includes the names of many Hollywood celebrities, such as "Colin Farrell" and "Heath Ledger," and "Adam Lavigne," but the most exciting was "Timberlake, "which has been confirmed that a third more income singers in the world today, more than $ 30 million dollars in sales for the album and single, beating" Beyonce "and" Bon Jovi "in the same kind lyrical.

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