Miss Philippines crowned Miss World 2013 despite protests

At Saturday was the big surprise when Miss Philippines was crowned Miss World 2013 in accompanied with tight ceremony in Bali, Indonesia, and protests of Muslim hardliners.
The fear increased from extremist group trying to disrupt the event, which considered global event.
Megan Young was born in USA and she is 23 years old, studying digital film, Megan was crowned last year winner in Wenxia Yu of China, and she continued and   promised to become the best Miss World ever.
In the past month, thousands of radical Muslims Front went out to the streets to protest against holding the pageant in Indonesia, which it considered the most populous Muslim country, and they called that pageant pornography.
The position of the pageant was changed by organizers because of protests from a venue outside Jakarta to Nusa Dua in Southern Bali, which is predominantly Hindu Resort Island.
The organizers of this event resort to use one-piece swimwear and sarongs instead of bikini this year in order to avoid any violence or causing offence.
On the other hand, United States, Britain, and Australia issued through their embassies a travel warning for Indonesia, expressing those extremist groups may and could plan to disrupt the event by violence.
But Indonesian police ensured that until this moment there are no reports of any incidents surrounding the pageant from holding on Saturday.
On the event side, the new Miss World 2013 Megan Young has plans for the next year which represents in her travelling as the Miss World of Organization to help raise money for its charitable causes.
The second place was for Marine Lorphelin, she is 20 years old from France and studying medical , so the third place was for Carranazar  Naa Okaily Shooter , she is 23 years old from Ghana and she also studying medical .

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