Stars reveal how and when they lost their virginity

After Chris Brown's recent statement that he lost virginity at the age of eight, the website "huffingtonpost" published a list of statements for a number of stars who have already lost their virginity, where, when and how their sex lives started.
"huffingtonpost" website Revealed for the date on which it has a number of stars lost their virginity, which indicated that a large proportion of them had begun their sexual experiences early on, note that the list prepared by the site for the Stars who are voicing their sexuality have been published after the star Chris Brown announced his dialogue with the British paper "Guardian" that he had lost virginity when he was eight years old, as well as confirmation actress Malin Ackerman after a few days she began sleeping with men who are older than her when she was sixteen years old. 
Nicole Snuki and Tamira Mori
According to the site in the list prepared by the detection of the beginning of the sexual life of the star, both of the stars Nicole Snuki which pointed to the loss of her virginity when she was sixteen years old, and the American actress Tamira Mori that explained she had lost her virginity and started the first experiences of nationality, relatively late, when she was 29 years old.
Steven Tyler
Singer Steven Tyler was part of the existing transceiver, he said earlier in the magazine "Elle" that he has lost his virginity when he was seven years old when he had a sexual relationship with twin girls.
Britney Spears
According to Lynn Spears, in her book entitled “During the Storm”, Britney Spears lost her virginity at the age of fourteen.
Daniel Radcliffe
The hero of a series of Harry Potter films, Daniel Radcliffe declared in 2008 that he has lost virginity with an older girlfriend.
Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox is a hero of the series "Lost", He also that he lost his virginity when he was twelve years old.
Will Ferrell
The actor Will Farrell said that he did not lose virginity even entered the university and was then in the first twenty years old.
Tina Fey
Actress Tina Fey has maintained her virginity until the age of twenty-fourth and so, as stated in an interview with Media David Letterman.
Brooke Shields
Although she made a very hot scenes in her movies as a teenager, but the recognition of actress Belle Brooke Shields as she remained a virgin until the age of 22, caused a sensation at the time and was surprised by a large number of followers, and others did not believe her.
Chloe Kardashian
While the star Chloe Kardashian said she tested first sexual experience when she was fourteen years old.

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