Leonardo DiCaprio is shocked during the filming of the sex scene in The Wolf of Wall Street

Although the professionalism of the international star Leonardo DiCaprio in the filming sex scenes, especially since most of us do not forget the scene of the car's famous windshield with Kate Winslet in Titanic, but the handsome star has been traumatized during the filming of these kinds of scenes in his latest film The Wolf of Wall Street currently displayed in cinemas.
And emerging actress Margot Robbie (28 years) caused shock to DiCaprio, 39, ,who sharing the starring film and she described the scene on the contrary that "it was strange and Funny" at the same time.
And details of the incident Margot Robbie said to Manhattan magazine in number for February that she during filmed the sexual scene with DiCaprio, she has paid his head to the other side because he blocked light from his part what triggered the shock of the veteran star and she has hinted in his eyes a look as if to say to her: "Did you do this just? ".
Margot said: "I do not think that there is anyone told Leonardo DiCaprio throughout his career that step aside for light obscured by those who shared scenes of his films. It added: DiCaprio was too shocked but it was a funny moment."

But this did not prevent Margot Robbie emphasized that work with Leonardo DiCaprio like a challenge and has led to the development of representative tools also described working with him as a "dream come true".
Margot explained: “Leonardo DiCaprio is still always my favorite star, he and director Martin Scorsese have an overwhelming presence and are a super power cannot be stopped so that you cannot sometimes keep up ."
The Wolf of Wall Street is considered the fifth technical cooperation between Leonardo DiCaprio and the great director Martin Scorsese after film Gangs of New York (2004) and The Aviator (2004) and The Departed (2006) and Shutter Island (2010).
The Wolf of Wall Street revolves for real events about the story of the rise of the stock market rackets "Jordan Belfort" to get rich and enjoy the life of luxury maximum until the fall because of his involvement in the crime and corruption.

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