Starring Parker leads Spurs to win in Miami in the opening series of the final American Basketball League

Tony Parker excelled in the fourth quarter to lead San Antonio to achieve an important victory away by the Miami Heat 92-88 on the defending champion in the first game of the final series of the American Basketball League for professionals on Thursday.
Miami offers 72-69 at the end of the third quarter, but in the last quarter did not score only 16 points compared to 23 for the home that his resolve Parker throw confrontation of enormous jump mode with the approach of seconds allowed for the team from the end.
The wearer Spears was dominating the ball, which is superior, two points behind in the attack most likely it was the last in the game and rip Parker rivals and claimed came to find him to LeBron James Miami in a defensive mode.
Under the pressure of time Parker fell on his knees but managed to get up and threw the ball in the basket to put a jump of about five meters away to give San Antonio superiority and four points clear by 5.2 seconds from the end.
The coach Gregg Popovich said Spears to the reporters, " we're a large fortune. Seemed to lose the ball twice or three times, but clung to it."
"We controlled the ball repeatedly and then threw it in the basket. It Has been a tremendous effort from Tony."
The French Parker was the best recorded in the game with 21 points, as well as last assists while Unrecorded James the best player in the league only 18 points, the lowest rate in the playoffs this season.
James scored only eight points in the last two quarters, while the Spurs maintained a perfect record of winning is always in the first game in the final five user's posts role.
The two teams will remain in Miami, where the second game will be played in the series, consisting of seven games on Sunday.
Tim Duncan ended the Courier to win the title for the fifth time with the Spurs put the ball in 20 points and grabbed 14 rebounds and four balls assists.
And the superiority of Miami in most of the game, but San Antonio who has not lost the ball broken passes only four times throughout the game and made 77-76 thanks to two free throws from Parker seven minutes and 47 seconds.
Danny Green succeeded in a three-pointer less than two minutes from the end, to broaden the gap to 88-81 but Ray Allen brought Miami to compete for success in three free throws after an error against him from outside the arc throw triple.
After two free throws successful Dunkin ,Chris Bosh failed  in four free throws for Miami.
But James scored two free throws to reduce the deficit to just two points and then a moment of creativity from Parker.
And Miami coach Eric Spouylstra said "There were things that must be carried out by our defense length of the field in the fourth quarter."
 "We must now restore balance and prepare for the second match."

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