Happy Day… Mom

Mother’s Day is the most important day in our life because in this day we honor our moms.  This is happened one time every year, and differs from one country to another in date.
So in the second Monday of May of each year, we celebrate in this great day in our country U.S.
Where people celebrated in various ways, species, and the kids between the ages of six and fourteen display images bearing the name of My Mother in a traveling exhibition as an expression of love and gratitude to their mothers.
On this day the children provide to their mothers and sending small gifts for mothers small letters say thank or God save you, Why don’t encourage the children in this day to treat each of them his mother queen , so we prevent them of work .. And assume they are on this day every household work instead of them.
So let’s every one of us goes to his mother and thank her in one of the best day in our life, for all their love and support and tenderness over the years.

So let’s now from our stars who participates us in our celebration in this great day like, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon,  Channing Tatum, Emma Roberts, Kristin Bell, Mario Lopez, and so many other stars who celebrated and thanked their mothers for their love and successful in their life.
So we see through social communication sites, either Facebook, or Tweeter, so… are full with love tweets.
So finally, I would like to thank my mother for her tenderness, love, support, strength, and so many things I couldn’t find words for them, Happy Mother’s Day.
I would like to present to all mothers round the world this song 

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