Egyptian Army Detained Morsi and Arrested his Assistants

An military official high-level Thursday that the Egyptian military detained isolated President Mohamed Morsi, while political and security Tensions throughout the different parts of Egypt raised, killing at least 14 people in clashes bloody between supporters and opponents, while the army troops centers blockaded gathered supporters for a berth in the field Rabaa Adaweya in the vicinity of Cairo University.
High-ranking military official has confirmed in the early Thursday morning, told the French press that the Egyptian army detained Mohamed Morsi. The official Said, who declined to be identified that Morsi "preventively detained", hinting at the possibility of charges against him.
Jihad Haddad, spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood to which he belongs Morsi has said this morning that Morsi is moved alone to the Ministry of Defense, and after that he said earlier that "Morsi and all the Presidential team are under house arrest in the club of the Republican Guard," he said, adding that his father which is a right-hand Morsi also detainee.
This came while the Al-Ahram government newspaper reported in the number of Egyptian Thursday that Egyptian security forces ordered the arrest of 300 members in the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Interior Ministry official told the French press that search is underway for members of the Brotherhood after the issuance of arrest warrants against them.
The security forces have arrested yesterday evening Saad Katatni, head of the Freedom and Justice Party offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, in addition to Rashad Bayoumi, deputy leader of the group.

Dead and clashes
On the other hand, the security and political tension rose in different parts of Egypt by killing at least 14 people in bloody clashes between supporters and opponents.
The bloodiest clashes occurred in Matrouh Governorate, where eight people were killed and at least dozens wounded. The security manager in the city that two army soldiers were killed, while six of Morsi supporters were killed in clashes with army forces in the vicinity of the General Court building of the province.
Were also wounded in the clashes, five soldiers after Morsi supporters stormed a police station in the city of Daba one of the cities Matrouh Governorate and fully burned, and burned seven police cars.
In the meantime In Alexandria, emergency management said that three people were shot dead in clashes intervened where the police forces and the army. It also resulted in clashes, according to the Middle East News Agency injuring 83 people. A witness told Reuters that about 2,000 people surrounded a number of Morsi supporters in a mosque in the area where the clashes took place.
In the city of Minya in southern Egypt, a security source said that the three members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which belongs to Morsi, were killed in clashes with troops from the army and police. Also a police officer wounded and a conscript, Morsi supporters stormed the General Court of the province of Minya and pelted the security directorate building.
In the town of Kafr el-Sheikh in the Nile Delta, more than a hundred people injured e - some of them in serious condition - in clashes shots were used cartridges and Molotov cocktails and stones. In Fayoum, the number of injured in the clashes to 70, including five in serious condition.
18 people were killed and hundreds wounded in a gun attack on protestors Morsi supporters on Tuesday night in front of Cairo University.
Tension in Rabaa the Adaweya
This came as a state of tension dominated the crowd in Rabaa Adaweya field in the vicinity of the University of Cairo, amid fears of clashes with the forces of the army and police.
A member of the High Commission for the Freedom and Justice Party Mohamed El-Beltagy of Rabaa Adaweya field, the field is under siege from army tanks, saying that what happened was a military coup against legitimacy, and called to face impeachment resolutions.
Egyptian authorities have banned television from the Rabaa Adaweya area and prevented journalists from reaching there, amid reports of shooting and the threat of the protestors.
In the meantime, the Egyptian authorities cut for several channels broadcast satellite channel on her head "Egypt 25". A witness told Reuters that police had arrested eight of broadcasters and workers were at the channel "Egypt 25", and transmission parts for channels other religious are: people, compassion, and Hafiz, the channels are classified as belonging to the Islamic trend was in favor of the President of the isolated Mohamed Morsi.
For his part, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Gamal Heshmat said the group does not intend to use violence, he said, adding "there is no direction at all about the violence, the Muslim Brotherhood did not establish peaceful because the issue of violence in defense of their rights is stronger than a military coup."
In contrast, the armed forces issued a statement saying it would not allow assaulting belonging to the Islamic trend.
The news agency quoted the Middle East, the Egyptian spokesman of the Armed Forces, Colonel Ahmed Mohammed Ali said, "to the youth of Egypt of religious currents in various forms and orientations none of the Egyptians doubt your patriotism, pertinence, dedication and sincere supporting in favor of this country and submitted you like the rest of the Egyptians”.
He added, "We emphasize that the actions taken by the General Command of the Armed Forces in line with a number of national and religious symbols and young people were not directed at all against you, but she did not minimize your role and prestige in the Egyptian national march."

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