China removes Lady Gaga from blacklist

The Chinese government has removed the American pop singer "Lady Gaga" from its blacklist, as it allowed for the new album "ARTPOP" to be sold legally in China. 

But Chinese censorship put conditions on the sale of the album, by inflating a large ball between her legs to cover a larger portion of her body naked, and add a pair of black tights to bare legs.
The American artist Jeff Koons is known for re-produced controversial things has designed the cover of her latest album. Also, Chinese officials intended to change the title of one song from "Sex Dreams" to "X-Dreams." 

And the album "Pop Art" leads U.S. sales last November which it sold 258 thousand copies in the first week of it.
And songs of pop singer put her in blacklist in China since 2011, after the Chinese Ministry of Culture considered her work leads to "create confusion in the order of the online music market, and damage to cultural security in the country."

The ministry of culture at the time declared that the songs will be subject to foreign control of the same conditions that apply to local artists; it must examine all albums by the Administration of Radio, Film and Television official.
On the other side, “Lady Gaga" responded enthusiastically to lift the ban through a tweet on the social networking site "Twitter" last week, in which she wrote, " China has allowed to move ahead of the singer .. I'm very excited! Approved by the Chinese government on the album" Art Pop "which will be available in China full of the 15 songs. As the next step, I hope I can go and perform. "

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