The fire in limo killed the bride in San Francisco

Limo was fired in the San Francisco Bay Area, that killed five women.  The limo fore does not fit with fire types of cars. In addition the number of fired cars declines in the passing of the time.
The experts of the highway vehicle fireworks declared that the number of fired vehicle has been declined since 1980s. But the limo fire in near of San Francisco showed the people need to know what they can do in similar situations.
The California Highway Patrol Capt. Mike Maskarich said in conference held on Monday morning that the limo which burst into flames, was carrying a lot of people, so five women were killed and four injured when it was passing the San Mathew bridge.
The end of the vehicle fired firstly , and the passengers could not exit from  its doors because of the fire , so the driver was able to help four survived women  through the partition window.
The investigation committee did not determined the cause of the fire.
Ron Moore, a vehicle rescue expert said that it is abnormal accident in our works that people were killed in a car without a crash or accident and without any choice of exit.
Ron Moore has been lasting 32 years during his career, and is a fireman trainer, admitted that he does not see limo fire like this one.
He added that only 4% of cars fires in the end or cargo area , so they normally start firing in the engine, and this case  you can have a controlled situation.
He advised the people to very important thing which is” should the one think what he will do before he rides in the car not after he faces any problem or fire in.”
The one should runs away from the car as soon as he smiles any fire of plastic or any wrong smile, in order to safe himself then should calls 911 and waits the fireworks.

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