Kyle Massey Denies Rumor that Speak about his Dying Because of Cancer

The former" that’s so Raven" actor and" Dancing with the stars" contestant Kyle Massey has twitted in his page on Twitter denying the rumor that speaks about his death because of cancer. Kyle Massey is 21 years old was trending worldwide along over weekend. And He refused the rumors about his having of cancer.
Kyle Massey is the former Thats So Raven" star and Dancing with the Stars contestant. He was trending worldwide on the American social networking site Twitter along over the weekend and after a hoax claimed his death because of this disease.
He participated in the big American TV program Dancing with the Stars" with Lacey Schwimmer as his partner in this TV show, so they finished as Runners-up in the 11th season of it.
Kyle Massey said about that " he wants to say first , that he does not have cancer, and he does not know from where this inconsiderate and insensitive rumor constructed" he added that " he and his team are doing every attempt to get the original source of this lair story because it is not joke and cool."
Kyle Massey has the role as Cory Baxter in famous Disney Channel shows Thats So Raven” and in another show which is Cory in the House".
He and his friend noted about this heavy joke, or maybe it is hoax or may be originated for something, that it is rumor and so badly timed.
This hoax comes in the wrong time especially in light the Trayvon market verdict and in addition of the various tragedies which happened this weekend.
So we will wait other victims of hoax to tweet and get angry from this heavy joke.

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