Terry McAuliffe the governor of Virginia, and a second state for Christie in New Jersey

The Democratic Terry McAuliffe Won the post of governor of the state of Virginia narrowly Republican rival Ken Cuccinelli, while re-voters in the state of New Jersey elected Republican governor Chris Christie for a second term, defeating so on democratic on his rival Barbara Bono with large margin increased about %20.
In Virginia which was ruled by Republicans during the past four years and considered one of the "red" States of the that voters tend where the policies of the Republican Party, 1,000,064 thousand voters voted to in favor of McAuliffe, for one million and eight thousand for Cuccinelli who belongs to the "tea" conservative party.
And McAuliffe thanked in his account on Twitter who voted for him to be the ruler of the 72 state.

It should be noted that Virginia voted in favor of President Barack Obama against Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the presidential elections in November.

The results of the elections of the state governor may be first indication of the repercussions of the partial shutdown witnessed institutions of the federal government for three weeks last month after Congress failed to reach an agreement on the state budget.
"Tea" party members led and under the umbrella of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives in a furious battle with Democrats to get them to vote for the repeal of the health care which knows by media "Obamacare" against the federal government to pass the budget. Differences continued for several weeks during which the government was forced to close some of its institutions and forcing their employees to engage in forced leave. 

Christie wins the support of voters

In New Jersey, which was hit by Sandy massive storm a year ago and is still suffering from the damage left by, voters voted for Chris Christie, one of the stars of the Republican Party against Democratic candidate Barbara Bono?
And Christie got a million and a quarter of the votes, while his rival received 780 thousand votes, the ratio is % 60 versus % 38.
This victory that has been achieved in the state known in its tend to Democrats, strengthened in the eyes of a number of observers, Christie's chances to fight a race run to the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

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