Hyperloop the Fastest train in the World

Hyperloop has the fastest transportation system in the world which made it Elon Musk. Musk declared about the details of his project on Monday, at the first he was afraid about his project . Musk produced it with a big vacuum and the train depends on air- bearing suspension , it is very fast you can go from Los Angeles to san Francisco in 35 minutes. The train has futuristic capsules which will help to start in speed at almost 700 mph. It is so fast more than the airplane and it is faster than the speed of sound.
If we contrast between this train and the china’s Shangai Maglev train which is cost 1.2 billion dollar to build it and the first trip was in 2003, and its top operating speed is 268 mph and that makes its take hour and 20 minutes to make the same trip so it is the fastest train in the world. The bullet train has frictionless magnetic levitation system on the other hand Musk thought that this technology is so expensive for his train.
Musk said that the idea of Hyperloop came to him when he saw plans for high speed trains, he added that the building of Hyperloop cost less than 6 billion dollars, it is less than the California rail project which will cost more than 10 billion dollars. Musk said that the tube of the train will be above the ground and the sealed capsules will carry 28 passengers and the stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco the passengers can get on and off in many stations on the way, and maybe the system be larger and can transport cars as passengers.

Musk talks about similar system to transport passengers from New York to Los Angles in 45 minutes .

I think it will be great train and the fastest one on the world and it will make huge revolution in the transportation world.

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