Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice and husband appear at federal court

Teresa and Joe Giudice appeared in courtroom with a judge Esther Salas in Newark, both of them entered and they are not guilty and they were arraigned on litany of federal fraud charges and of course that could end them to the jail for many years. During the proceeding which lasted for five minutes, Teresa and Joe did not talk at all and the lawyer spoke about them.
Teresa was looking down and she was as assistant to the lawyer Jonathan Romankow in the 39 court which they indictment and her husband Joe stand next to her.
8 October is the first trail which the judge set but the date may change because of the complexity of their case.
Joe Guidice, who is 43 year old, did not pay the file tax from 2004 to 2008 for about 1 million dollar of his income he also has charges of falsely obtaining a driver’s license. He may be deported to Italy if he became guilty of one of the federal charges.
Teresa Guidice, who is 41 year old, is looking different she makes her black hair pinned back, and wears white blouse she was looking in serious mood as she came from month ago for her first indictment.
Joe, her husband pushed the cameraman away from him. Teresa starts to lose her fame.
They have debts for many years they did not pay in 2009 they have to pay 10.85 million dollar.
Teresa Guidice appeared last night at Posche Boutique to sign copies of a cookbook which she authored. She was happy and she talked to many of her fans who were waiting to take photo with her, and some of them were wearing shirts that have her face on it and have the words “FREE TRE”.

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