Princess Diana Death was not Accident

The investigations about the death of princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed are back and that was after the British Media declared that the princess and al Fayed had murdered by British special forces.
Although British and French police put 7 million dollars for investigation which ended that the death of princess Diana, Dodi al Fayed and the driver Henri Paul was accident, in the other hand there was a report from The Mirror which said that their death was a murder and it covered up.
The Mirror reported that the allegation said that Danny Nightingale was guilty because his possession of illegal gun and the evidence presented that there was a letter at the trail from a former soldier, and they added that behind the death of princess Diana was Special Air Service.
The British police was looking for new information about the accident and they did not talk about any of them.
The Metropolitan Police Service is given new information about the death of them and they said that this is not re-investigation.
Operation Paget is also looked about the death of Diana and Dodi in 1997.
Mohammed al Fayed, Dodi’s father, declared by his spokeswoman that his son was murdered and she added that he Mr. Mohammed  trusts in investigation but he waits for the last one.
Mohammed al Fayed said that his son and princess Diana had murdered and all of this is cover-up and he did not have anything to prove that.
When the accident happened in Paris on 31 August in 1997 princess Dianna and Dodi and the driver, who was said that he was under the influence of alcohol, were killed.
After all the investigation there is no new evidence about the murdering case until the moment, but all the police in England are working about the case.
Any way the princess Diana is dead and we lost her forever, she was great person and has gig heart for all people. We miss her a lot.

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