The death of these celebrities cost a big fortune for production companies

Celebrities have caused heavy losses to film production companies.

John Candy

Loss: $ 5 million. The death of actor John Candy Caused losses amounted to $ 5 million of the company producing of the film Wagons East! In 1994 for the use of visual effects to compensate for incomplete scenes. Candy, died of a heart attack in the middle of the film, set in 1860 where the filming to be a couple of lunatics with their doctor to live a new experience in the American West.
River Phoenix

Losses: $ 5.7 million. In 1993, the late actor River Phoenix was working on a film titled Dark Blood, but he died of a dose of drugs and where he was at the 23-year-old, then immediately the hopes of Dutch filmmaker George Sluser crashed and declared he stopped filming, after the producing company spent nearly $ 5.7 million on only a few scenes, but after 20 years hope returned for a way out and tried to complete it in a different way and the film released in 2012, Berlin film Festival.

Tyrone Power

Losses: $ 6 million. the death of actor Tyrone Power Caused loss of 6 million of the company producing the film Solomon and Sheba in 1995, and forced them to stop filming for 10 consecutive weeks, this was the loss demanded by the company from the insurance company to compensate for the delay of the camera crew, as well as the total working overtime of Power for filming within days of the film, which was $ 100 thousand per day.

Paul Walker

Losses: $ 50 million. The death of Hollywood star Paul Walker, a big shock for all his fans and lovers, also he caused losses estimated many millions for the company producing part VII of the movie Fast & Furious, who was playing the leading role, and his death caused by a car accident at the end of last year, cost the company $ 50 million in order to compensate for the effects, Paul Walker in the remainder of the movie scenes, this is in addition to the budget estimate before, which is $ 200 million, but the company Universal demanded amount from the insurance company.

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