The Jackpot of $475 Million is the Second Largest in Powerball History

There are a lot of chances for everyone to become a rich in the United States during Friday and Saturday by dueling Powerful and Mega Millions Jackpots.
In relation to this matter, the spokeswoman for lowa Lottery declared that when you take into account all the money which will be exactly in danger in the next couple of days with lottery drawings, so it is simply an eye-popping amount.
The jackpot has increased to $475 million on Saturday’s drawings because there are no matching the winner numbers on Wednesday’s ones. On the other side, Mega is now at $190 million and me being increased higher in Friday’s drawing.
The director of public relations for the Michigan Lottery Andi Brancato announced that sometimes tickets of Lottery are not familiar with what the people play or buy in particular way; the tickets in this time have very huge profits.
So the sales of tickets is increased very highly and they expect to increase more in the next Friday and Saturday when people returns from their jobs to homes so they can stop and buy tickets for this big event.
So if we go to the states, we see that it is expected in Virginia’s sales to reach to 4.7 million just on Saturday, which equals to 9500 tickets in every minute.
In California they are expecting a huge numbers of sales where people will gather to buy lottery tickets as Gerg Parashak said. He is the spokesman of the California Lottery; there will be a lot of sales wither in Mega tickets or in Media tickets as he declared.
So they are waiting until Saturday to know the amount of sales.
The Media ticket is cost about $2, and $1 for Mega ticket, and the big prize will be about $475 million which is the second big Jackpot in the history of Lottery and the third public one.
So even you do not win the big Jackpot may you will win a good Jackpot, and for me I will go to buy ten of them , who knows may I will be the owner of the big Jackpot , until that time I hope good time for you . .. Goodbye.

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