The Great Gatsby

This movie is based on the classic F, and carries Scott Fitzgerald novel entitled The Great Gatsby. Tobey Maguire took the role as Nick Carraway, who is affective and totally cast through most of his wonderful career. The presence of Maguire give us empathy before we see him opening his mouth to talk, through his big and expressive eyes, and through his small body and his slight.
Nick is not well , because he has therapy and he tries to deal with an experience that may changes his life. He is a strange man in the way whether he is treated by a doctor or he institutionalized . Mr. Carraway is from a well-to-do family, and he was a fighter during the world war I, he rich man and likes writing so much.
In one summer Nick Carraway  rented a house of one floor in Long Island, New York , which is not so far from New York city and near to the great palace, which a strange man called Jay Gatsby , who Leonardo DiCabrio took the role as , this house is located in the west of Eggs Floor , where all of new riches live there. The actress Carrie Mulligan takes the role as Daisy who is Nick’s cousin and her husband Tom ( Joel Edgerton) whose age is the same as Nick and he lives in the east of Eggs, where the old money is there.
In this movie, we can see  his dreamscape aesthetic is the real strength of The Great Gatsby, in addition its glaring weakness.
 The computer and 3D of Luhrmann is gorgeous where it generated of Long Island and New York city.
For example , when we first see Daisy, all the doors are open in front of big room which is full of the waves of while beautiful curtains. It likes as the doors of heaven are opened ,  wonderful image.
This is Luhrmann way in his movies , he changes the talents into stars . the lead role of this movie is Leonardo DiCabrio but Luhrmann concentrates on the scenes and the sounds of this melting ages , so the concentration is not on DiCabrio.
Luhrmann is creative man and I like his wish in using his effect on the romance story. I hope lastly give you good information about the new Luhrmann’s movie.

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