Electric Zoo Festival cut short by Two Deaths

The party of the electronic zoo was the fifth annual Labor Day weekend and it was in Randalls Island. The promoter of the party was Made Event and after the death of two people from using MDMA Made Event had to follow the recommendation of the mayor’s office and cancelled the third day of the festival.
On Saturday the mood of the festival had changed. Made Events made a lot of announcements that to help people to rest and get the help to anybody and to avoid drugs and alcohol. MADA has dangerous affect as drugs which are associated in dance music it makes one feels happy and energetic .
In the Ultra Music Festival last year which was introduced by  the DJ Avicii Madonna asked the people “ How many people saw Molly” then she declared that was not a drug reference.
In the electronic zoo festival and in the music dance landscape one group of five people were wearing t- shirts that have single letter M-O-L-L-Y. unremarkable until the people die.
That was very scared although it should be a celebration. The electronic dance music is all about being alive in the moment. The body is shacking from the impact of the electronic sounds . the happiness and the feeling of love and the dazzling and dizzying lights and the energy from dancing are all mechanisms . Although that Electronic Zoo still offered more than 100 sets over its first two days. On the big stages it back many of the headline festivals worldwide: Avicii- Tiesto- David Guetta – Hardwell and others.
The dance music will be so great and they had made fluent party which contains the new moniker of the house DJ who called Clockwork.
Baauer the trap DJ was one of Electronic Zoo’s most head turning sets whose “ Harlem Shake” became a youtube Phenomenon.

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