Pepsi apologizes for Ronaldo and his fans after its abuse

The (Pepsi) global soft drinks company apologized to soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and his fans for any misunderstanding due to publicity carried out by the Swedish version before their facing Portugal in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers, Brazil.
The Swedish version of "Pepsi" has been published propaganda directed against Ronaldo created a sensation and angry reactions in Portugal.
The company published three advertising pictures which Ronaldo appeared in the form of "dummy" wearing  Portugal small shirt and the number 7, and one of them appeared tied with ropes on the bar rail waiting for the Swedish train that will run over him.

In the second photo shows a Ronaldo doll which was full of the "needles" Punctured in directions, in reference to the belief tingling Doll acupuncture for exorcism within a black magic ritual.
The third picture shows where smashed Ronaldo doll head after he fell over an explosive "Pepsi."

The next three images was the slogan of the campaign "we will smash Portugal."
Ronaldo led his team to topple Sweden from their own backyard in the second leg Supplement European qualification for the World Cup, where he scored a hat "trick" by the confrontation ended 3-2 last night, knowing that he scored the winning goal back in Lisbon 1-0.
And the famous beverage company published, which is Argentine star Lionel Messi and her propaganda premier, an apology in which she said, "do not seek never to convert sports into an arena for competitions negative, We are sorry for each of the offended because of those posters, I've been pulling advertising immediately."

The apology "Pepsi" After a few days of apology FIFA president Joseph Blatter scorer for Real Madrid after being pilloried in an inappropriate manner aroused resentment global sporting center. 

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