12 years of slave wins the Oscar for best film

The film 12 years of slave to British director Steve McQueen won the Oscar for best picture at the ceremony held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, Los Angeles late Sunday night.

And it became the first film directed by a black director to win this award since the 86-year-old.
The film revolves around slavery in the period before the American Civil War and is adapted from a true story of a man who is kidnapped and sold him to work in the plantations, Louisiana, United States.
The film won two other Oscar awards for best supporting actress obtained by the emerging Kenyan actress Lupita Naoonju (31 years), who has the role of Patsy, a slave to work sooner. This is the first time that the Naoonju wins an Oscar.
The other award won by the film is the prize for best adapted screenplay and adaptation of Solomon Northrup diary.
McEwen said when receiving the award, "Everyone deserves not only to survive but to live. This is the most important thing for us was succeeded by Solomon Northrup.
The Kenyan actress said -who has played a slave- that was gathering the largest amount of cotton compared to her colleagues but despite that she was suffering at the hands of her master "did not lose even for a moment that the blessing of joy in my life is thanks to the shelf human being other than pain, therefore I want to salute the spirit of Patsy because she guided me.”
The superiority of the film (12 years of slavery) on the space adventure film (  Gravity  ), which revolves around astronaut struggling to survive after its separation from the Space Shuttle and in which Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play a starring role. 

But the film Gravity nevertheless won the largest number of Oscars and won seven awards, including best director for the Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron, This is the first Academy Award win Cuaron (52 years old) and also the first award to director of Latin American countries.

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