Charlize Theron terrifying in her new film (photos)

South African star, "Charlize Theron" changes her shape completely in her new film.
It became difficult to distinguish the features of the star, "Charlize Theron," after having to change shape in order to fully emerge in the new Mad Max film.
As reported by the British newspaper "Daily Mail", the film, which’s produced it company "Warner Bros.”, is the first after 30 years of the previous part show of this series of films.
"Warner Bros" company has released already "poster" a new film that will carry the title of Mad Max: Beyond Fury, and in which they appear the star "Charlize Theron," in addition to "Tom Hardy", as one did not see them before.
The new poster appears in the above phrase: "What a beautiful day," while seemingly rickety car in the left of the picture, and next to it shows the body of a human standing on his feet, staring at the horizon.
In addition to this poster official, "Warner Bros" has released many of the high-quality images, one of which shows where "Tom", who plays the hero violent, while seemingly "Charlize Theron" quite differently in the new image, make it difficult to even identify her for the first glance, which confirms that she has undergone a significant change in the shape and hired experts to show effects on this image.
Changing the shape was not confined to the usual in the movies, but also extended to shave her hair completely, and staining her beautiful face, large quantities of dirt and mud.
In one of the pictures, "Theron” appears, aged 38 years, a car with the crew team, and shows where the features of her face completely, and her hair shaved.
The film's director and producer who helped in the writing is the Australian filmmaker, "George Miller," which was keen to combine "Charlize Theron" and "Tom" in his new film which is set in the period after the end of the world.
It is worth mentioning that the film is an updated version of which was released in 1979 and was a "Miller" is also the director, at the time he acquired it, "Mel Gibson" a starring role at the time.
The star "Charlize Theron" Keen to change the shape of this intensity in order to participate in this film, which she talked about it was always a dream for her. Although she has made ​​it clear at the same time it was the most difficult films that worked out, and the most physically taxing, and at the same time denied any problems between her and the team.
It also Participates in the film "Nicholas Holt" and "Zoe Cravats," and will appear in cinemas in May 2015.

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