American person was jailed for his role in stealing violin worth five million dollars

Man in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, the U.S. on Thursday sentenced to three and a half years in prison for supplying another defendant electric detonator used in stealing a Stradivarius violin from the 300-year-old musician in the orchestra.
It also ruled Milwaukee County Circuit Court on a man named Universal Knowledge (37 years) to remain on probation for three years and a half after his release from prison because he was a partner in the crime of theft of a rare violin that made in 1715.
and Nowlege  told the court before sentencing, "I just want to apologize to you and to all for committing  this sin."
Nowlege  , who was convicted of working as a barber in Milwaukee supplying another defendant Salah Jones electric detonator used in stealing a violin. Jones is being tried on charges of causing injury violinist Frank Almond permanent disability.
The crime occurred assault and robbery while he was leaving the Le Monde a musical performance on January 27 in January.
Prosecutors said that Jones stole a violin worth about five million dollars.
He is scheduled to appear in court representing Jones in the first of August next.

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