Federer to qualify for the semi-final of the American tournament painstakingly

Roger Federer fought to compensate his delay with two sets  also faced the loss of two points for the game in the victory over Gael Monfils
4-6, 3-6, 6-4, 7-5, 6-2 to qualify for the semi- final tournament of the US Open on Thursday.

Federer saved - seeking to increase his tally of titles in the Grand Slam's 17 titles - two points to settle the match when he was 15-40 late in the possession and transmission X-half of the fourth set.

Monfils ranked 20 hit a backhand off the pitch for the first big chance to win the match and then Federer prevented the French player from getting second point by Front successful amazing shot.

Since that point, Federer dominated on the reins and finished the fourth set in his favor and send break Monfils in the first half of the fifth set.

Federer won nine of the last 11 strides in the confrontation, which lasted three hours and 20 minutes in the quarter-finals Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Federer said he was positive, despite the delay in the outcome.

The Swiss player told the crowd at the stadium, "i still think that the finish line is still far away from Gael. i knew that I can play better."

He added: "When i were delayed by two to loss the meeting was not my feeling very extravaganza ... I said to myself this last point. Fighting for .. do not waste any shot and make it easy to get it."

He continued "It addressed  well and stayed in the game and somehow managed to turn things around. I was great in Group Five. Began to play better with the passage of time in the game. It feels great."

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