Hacker penetrates the phones of celebrities and publishes their nude pictures

Hacker violate the privacy of a lot of celebrities and starlets displaying their nude photographs on various social websites through their cell phones.

According to Buzzfeed, a Hacker got images belong to celebrities through iCloud service reached to 101 photo of a large group of women celebrities who are still most of them do not know anything yet for such violations, but who watched images have confirmed some of them declared that they are real pictures, while others confirmed to be counterfeit. 

In its dialogue with "MailOnline" confirmed American actress "Jennifer Lawrence," that the image of her own and they are real, and "Lawrence" comes on top of the victims of those violations, where it became yesterday the subject most prominent on "Twitter", and after her fans  received  nude photos of her published by a hackers, also he published a tweet in which he says that he had leaked two-minute video showing "Lawrence" in a sexual situation, and added that it wants to get this video will send it to him by e-mail in return for a sum of money that is sent through Paypal.

According to the report of "DailyMail", of the  celebrities who have confirmed their status as victims of leaks and who work all in the field of acting, fashion, television and many media art and other entertainment, "Cali Coco" and "Kate Upton" and "Lea Michele" and "Barry Larson "and" Christine Danci "and" Becca Tobin "and" Hope Solo "and" Teresa Palmer "and" Christine Ritter "and" Mac Kayla Maroni "and" Avon Strahoviski, "Those who did not seep nude their photographs after them," Aubrey Plaza "and "Candice Swanepoel" and "Kara Delevinjy" and "Cat Deeley" and "Hilary Duff" and "Kelly Brook" and "Michelle Keegan" and "Selena Gomez" and "Rihanna" and "Vanessa Hodgn."

In a statement sent by "Lawrence Shire" lawyer of American actress "Kate Upton" to "Mel Online", he noted that these leaks are in violation shameful for his client, "Upton", and stressed his determination to prosecute anyone re-publication of images that have been obtained illegally , the actress "Mary Elizabeth" was written on her own account on the "Twitter" directed her to her followers saying "to those who look my Pictures, which was accompanied by my husband picked me out years ago in our special house, I wish you could feel good about yourselves," as She expressed solidarity with fellow artists who have suffered like those violations.

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