On the Eve September 11 … Obama declares war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq

US President Barack Obama announced on Thursday that he was ready to launch air strikes in Syria against "ISIS", where he will not allow any "safe haven" for this terrorist organization.
In a speech from the White House to reveal his strategy to fight "ISIS": "Our goal is clear: we will weaken ISIS and destroy it in the end through a comprehensive strategy and continuing to fight terrorism," stressing that he will
pursue militants organization "wherever they are."
Obama continued: "I will not hesitate to act against ISIS in Syria, as in Iraq," revealing that American troops will expand raids in Iraq which they have launched a month ago against the extremists.
He added: "in cooperation with the Iraqi government, we will expand our work beyond the protection of our citizens and our mission’s humanity, and will target ISIS to support Iraqi forces in the offensive."
Obama announced also send an additional 475 military advisers to help the Iraqi forces, without having those combat missions.
He pointed out that "last June, it published a few hundred military advisers in order to assess how to help the Iraqi security forces. Has completed that team work and Iraq government was formed. Now we will send 475 advisers additional, but as I said earlier, these forces would not participate in combat operations, will not be entered to another war on the Iraq ground, but they will provide assistance to the Iraqi and Kurdish forces through training, intelligence and tools. "
In a related context, the American president revealed an increase in military aid earmarked for the Syrian opposition.
Obama said: "in Syria we presented military aids to the Syrian opposition. I called Congress tonight to give me additional powers and resources for training and arming those fighters. to fight ISIS we cannot rely on the Assad regime who terrorizes the people, that system will not regain legitimacy it lost, instead of therefore we must strengthen the opposition to confront extremists such as ISIS continue with diplomatic solutions necessary to solve the Syrian crisis. "
Obama said: "We made ​​it clear we will go after the terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are  ... This means I will not hesitate to take action against the organization of the Islamic state in Syria and also in Iraq." He continued: "This is a fundamental principle of my presidency: If you threatened America, you would not find a safe haven."
In a related context, according to a note placed on the White House Web site on the Internet that President Barack Obama agreed on Wednesday on the "immediate military assistance" to the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government $ 25 million to assist in military education and training.

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