The Arrest of Amanda Bynes for a Marijuana Bong

Amanda Bynes has been arrested for her heaving a marijuana bong out of her apartment window in midtown of Manhattan.
The process of arrest was happened at Thursday on a building on West 47th road and at 7.40pm.
The police said they arrested her according to the compliment from the neighbor that Amanda was heaving marijuana in the joint building lobby.
The police said that when they went at her apartment they saw a heavy smoke and a marijuana bong, then Amanda Bynes when she saw the police threw it immediately out of her window, but the police saw her.
So she has arrested on charges of reckless endangerment, and the police arrested her for her tampering with evidence, and her having OD marijuana bong. And she may have no lawyer yet.
NYPD spokesman declared to FOX 411 that the police took Amanda Bynes to Roosevelt Hospital, and then they took her to the police station, where she spent a night until the coming of the judge on Friday morning.
She had a great attention for her strange behavior. Amanda Bynes is 27 years old and she has acquired in the last time a lot of followers after her relationship with the rock singer Drake.
Amanda Bynes the blind beautiful girl began her acting career when she was 7 years through the commercial advertisements, then to be one of Hollywood stars through her appearance on Nickelodeon with the comedy stars” All That”, and she had a starring role in Nickelodeon through “The Amanda show” in 1999-2002.
But from that time her appearance declines, just in two works for her in 2010 in the movie “Easy A” and “What a Girl Want” and “Hairspray”.
Amanda declared that she interested in fashion line and nothing is wrong with her.

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