Crazy Selfie Photos with the most dangerous animals in the world

Adventurer prowling around the world to take Selfie pictures with most dangerous animals, where he miraculously escaped from the teeth of the shark and lion attack.
After surviving when he was a child from a plane crashed in Zimbabwe, taking him and his mother, and his residence in one of the farms of Zimbabwe, has taken the lives of American "Forest Gallant" (26 years), a new path, where he became fond of brutal organisms and wild places that did not stop taking pictures that unite out, so he decided to study the biology of the animals learned to "University of California" when he returned to the United States when he became a young man.
To achieve his desire to explore more brutal animals and more remote wild places on the planet, "Gallant" traveled to many countries of the world, to reach the outcome of his trips to more than 40 countries. Through his bold adventures "Gallant” exposed his life in danger, which "Anacondas" snake wrapped himself with a length of 6 meters in "Amazon", and embracing the shark in "Bahamas", and he was just a few steps from the Komodo dragon in Indonesia. This is in addition to the face of lion and surviving from a bite of a poisonous snake.
In his interview with the "Daily Mail”, "Gallant" pointed out that more adventures which he fought are the middle of the fish in the Pacific island of "Palau" within the Islands "Micronesia" near the Philippines, and those that spent the middle of unique animals to Madagascar. And other adventures, "Gallant" adds and a description of one of the scariest most of them, he said, a dive during which 140 miles off the coast of Texas compound in the center of a very small group of Bull Sharks.
Through a series of documentary films have been displayed on the channel "Discovery" Recorded "Gallant" one of his adventures in the forests of Panama, which lasted from 3 weeks spent in horror severe and naked body, where he was forced to rely on himself to find food, water and clothing from the nature around him. Commenting on this adventure "Gallant" did not show no remorse on the fight, pointing out that he already has exposure to what is more than that during his adventures. 

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