Ray Rice wife defends him and attacking the media after he hit her

Wife of former player in Revens Baltimore team Ray Rice defended her husband after the circulation of a video which showed him as he was hitting and  the media for the incident, which dealt with the development of the Association of American Football League in the position of defense.
Jani Rice accused -who married Ray Rice shortly after the incident in February - media on Tuesday of exploiting the video to attract the public.
She wrote on Instagram about the incident saying  "No one knows the extent of the pain caused by the media and the actions of other people from unnecessary for my family."
Revens  club -in which Ray Rice was playing until the end of the previous season – put the player for sale on Monday  and also he was
stopped  by the Association of American Football League indefinitely after the spread of the video.
Ray Rice came out and broke his silence for the first time after the publication of his record  in a tweet quoted by a correspondent for the American network CNN, saying, "I am coherent for my wife and my son .. That's all I can do now."
And footage recorded by security cameras showed Rice while he was hitting Jani inside an elevator in a gambling club in New Jersey and hitting her head on a rod before piling on the ground.
And a former video showed Rice withdrawing his wife unconscious outside the elevator.
The publication of record made an anger toward the Association of National Football League and its president Roger Goodall for negligence with the player when he was stopped in initially for two games and punished with a fine of 500 thousand dollars. It also raised questions about the lack of information of the Association about the record  before Monday.
This incident represents the latest in a vicious embarrassing situations suffered by Association, which reap billions of dollars annually and represent one of the most successful sports empires in the world.

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