How does Kim Kardashian look without her famous buttocks?

"photographer" Talk on the Internet about the "nature" of "Kim Kardashian" buttocks!

Can you imagine body of "Kim Kardashian" Without her big buttocks, which is one of the most important reasons for her fame? It has been asking this question through a series of modified images that have recently been circulating on the Internet and reviewing the body of TV star of American reality, "Kim Kardashian" (34 years) in a different way to the reality that we are accustomed seen through the media and various social networking, where its designers show "Kardashian "with small and unattractive butt.
According to MailOnline the designers of this photos depended on set of photos were published last week on Paper , and were shared on social websites , where Kardashian appeared naked completely, with her huge butt and her brightening body covered with layer of oils.
In this midfield photos , the designers deleted most of her parts of butt to make her more attractive by Photoshop .
For its part, the magazine has denied this claim asserting that the images that have been published on the cover of last week are real pictures for "Kardashian" and that her body and rear did not subjected to "Photoshop".
In defense of the extent of natural stern Despite the constant increase in size, "Kardashian" expressed her anger and astonishment of the rumor-mongers who claim that the size of the rear of this is not normal and she injected cosmetic materials to help to increase the size.

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