Kim Kardashian in a visit to soldiers of an aircraft carrier [photos]

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian showed its national part and visited the US aircraft carrier during the Thanksgiving holiday to raise the morale of the troops.

In an attempt to boost the morale of soldiers abroad, Kim Kardashian visited USS San Diego stationed in the Gulf, where she surprised the soldiers by her visit on 24 November last year, to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.
Kim is the latest celebrity to join the list of celebrities that have worked to raise the morale of American soldiers abroad, such as Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.
There were pictures of the star in front of warplanes on board of the carrier along with pictures of her with the soldiers, which came by corroding Thanksgiving holiday in Dubai, the star said commenting on the images on the Twitter, she visited American troops in the port of successor as a surprise thanked an early holiday, expressing enthusiasm for the command and gratitude for their effort to their homeland.
Soldiers of the men and women gathered around her to pick up Selfie, as seemed attentive to explain their jobs maritime officers on the aircraft carrier.
It is worth mentioning that the star visiting the UAE to promote the new perfume, where she traveled to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and published many of her photos in the emirates.
Being a celebrity has enjoyed a full tour on board the aircraft carrier and was able to see the bottom of military vehicles bearing surface and take pictures with various military equipment.

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