The Death of NSACAR Retired Driver Dick Trickle

The North sheriff’s office said that Richard “Dick” Trickle was found on Thursday died which is a shown self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Dick Trickle is born in October 27, 1941, he is an American NASCAR driver, he won many championships, and he had made a lot of races like ASA, ARTGO, ARCA, IMCA, NASCAR, and USAC.
He has no children and no wife lived alone.
A call was sent to the Lincoln Country authorities, and it thought to have been made by Trickle the call speaks about a wound body and this wound body would be his.
The Country sheriff’s office declared that when the authorities called the number back, there was no answer.
The authorities went to the crime place where it was in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Boger, so they found his pickup truck and his dead body near of it.
Dick Trickle has been lived in Lincoln Country, in Central North Carolina since 1900s, and retired from his career in 2002. He loves so much smoking and he had a cigarette lighter in his car, as Geoff Bodine said about him.
NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France said about the death of Dick Trickle He was a stray during his competing in the short-track racing community, he was also a lovely man by his fans and friends, so we will miss him so much.
 He achieved rookie of the year at the age of 48 in 1898, and he had a good reputations through his short truck racing and through his enjoying to the Winston Cup series.
 Bodine said that the all in racing community are saddened when they heard the news about their friend Dick and added he lived in sad life and it must be something that pushed him to do that in himself.
So Dick died on May 16, 2013 through killing himself by a gun in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Boger, North Carolina beside his pickup truck.

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