IS Beyoncé Pregnant with New Child?

Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z are expecting their second child, as sources confirm the news.
The 31-years old and beautiful songstress was seen with her husband at the exclusive New York Met Gala, where the belle was wearing a Givenchy dress and it was cinched at the waist.
 She cancelled a concert in Belgium on Tuesday because she was exhausted and dehydrated , but in the next day she apologized by her page on Facebook that he will give her fans a great show  and she felt much better in that day. So it is definitely that her pregnancy rumors are real.
In her conversation with ABC news she said that she love to be the old sister and she is thinking on her daughter who needs some kind of company , Beyoncé admitted that despite that her schedule is full of concerts , and to have children is more important for her.
The beautiful songstress pregnancy may be in the first trimester, and that means that they may welcome their new child before the end of this year.
Beyoncé did not admit that she is pregnancy, but she offered some coy hints like her recent appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” when she said that she dreamed with big family.
She admitted that she loves a big family and more children as well as her daughter’s need to some company, and that thing should be achieved.
Beyoncé is well known as songstress, dancer, songs writer, producer, and actress as well as a model. She was born in 1981 in Texas, Houston.
Beyoncé Associated relationship affair with the musician product rapper millionaire famous Jay-Z -40 years - since 2002, and is one of the months and the richest personalities in the field of music in America, she has collaborated with him on many of its business, and despite the frequency of rumors about their relationship for more than 6 years only Jay - Z denied any link between them, but Beyoncé smart and patient silence and opted not to comment on those rumors, even surprised the world marriage to Jay - Z in a private ceremony in early 2008, did not announce the marriage until September / September of the same year.

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