NASCAR Race Recap

NASCAR Race Recap
David Ragan is the winner … and Fox’s Talladega missed the coverage

We shall speak about NASCAR race on Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway a surprise. The winner of this race was the pair of resilient Davids in Ragan and Gilliland, there finished the fist and the second round and then they celebrated their first-ever win.
They lead the Upstart Front Row Motorsports organization to win, so it was not an upset in on Sunday’s NASCAR race in Talladega Superspeedway.
The big boys are making a story by their win that does not happen too much, and led their small and brave team to victory.
The team won by its limited potential, as the budget for the team is about 80-90% and self-financing, as Gilliland claims, and number of employees does not exceed seventy staff.
This team is the racing graveyard, and as Jenkins said: we always try to do the best and get the best.
Twitter was filled with tweets and congratulations to the winning teams in NASCAR race. What a big win and celebration with @Davidragan. Kevin Harvick tweeted “it is big win for @Davidragan.
Carl Edward with the white flag lap appeared to be the winner of the race, but he did not, and fell happy by the victory of Davidragan@ team declaring that how he was happy for the two better guys and their hard working team to reach to the victory.
The pair of Davids accused work together through the field in the last lap, and squeeze through holes that otherwise seemed non-existent, triggering an advantage by Edwards and not to leave.
 So beware, and the first row emerged victorious under Talladega darkening sky as the team that everyone wants to emulate.
"It is therefore, a big problem for us to be sitting here now, and that's what makes it even more special for a double," said Rajan. "Can you believe it?"
No, and that's what makes it so distinguished.
Fox brand has lost coverage

Transmission NASCAR race is a little 'how to be judged, no matter how large it may be covered, more often than not the focus of the fans will be fine and not what he did right. We must not make mistakes; Fox does a lot of the right in your coverage.

However, on Sunday in Talladega was not one of those days.
With rain rapidly approaching 499 and a half passed and Aaron official said there was a marked increase in the intensity of the track.
The driver is no longer content with patience, and it was time to go now as it was clear to all that the clouds will open and there was a distinct possibility that the race will be called.
It is often said that Fox, urging viewers to stay glued to their televisions, for "the race could end at any moment."
However, instead of guiding viewers through the work, as it is sliced and diced the position of the field with the ferocity usually seen in the final laps, Fox has done the unthinkable.
Adding to the uneven coverage, more holiday Fox returned, viewers are treated to a summary of what has been lost in all the time without showing what was happening at the time. The TV equivalent of a cat chasing its tail.
As expected, it was during one of these breaks that the rain began to fall and NASCAR shows the yellow flag. You know Do not that when this all happened is a commercial break with Fox viewers and do not benefit from Edwards, Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
At that time, it was easy to believe that the red flag after Talladega signal the end of a poor prognosis, the dark sky and the track does not have lights.
If that happens, he wants to say to the fans who feel at home and I have not seen the pace to win alive. NASCAR was the equivalent of missing a field goal to win a game of football or basketball buzzer beater.
In an age where everything is instant, you may cover the Fox suddenly turned to a bygone era of tape delay.
This cannot be happening.
Needless to say, due to costs associated with the transfer of sporting events, and there are ways to avoid breaks. Call it a necessary evil if you will.
But there are alternatives.
While NASCAR has qualifications in accordance with the four major sports in the United States, in terms of size and structure, is the closest thing to football. This is largely because neither sport nor natural breaks in play that allows ad networks to air without interruption of the flow of the game.
In football, there are only ad breaks before and after the match and at the end of the first half.
As fans well know, this is not the case when it comes to covering NASCAR, especially with regard to how to manage part of the Fox program.
Ad breaks are common, and usually occur at the expense of any action being developed. This is not even other abuses that Fox coverage plague that left many fans to reach silence and marked on the management of natural resources to complete the NASCAR viewing experience.
But if Fox will not cover NASCAR in the same way that covers football, there is another solution properly: use common sense.
This lack of attention is evident in Texas last month, when he failed Auto Racing Penske pre-race inspection, and seek only to reach the network time.
Instead of opening move with the latest news, Fox basically ignored the problem completely. It was not until in his pre-race that Fox viewers aware of what was happening with the champion team in the Copa del nearly 30 minutes.
Use common sense in Talladega also would prevent viewers consequent madness exciting with drivers missing are determined to get to the front in an attempt to beat the rain. There would be no need to pass a summary of potential race winner, has been seen to live.
Unfortunately, it was common sense and without interruption coverage absent Friday.

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