Tim Curry had stoke in May

The famous actor Tim Curry suffered from big stroke on May 24, as his representative said. This thing mad his fans sad and grieve about the bad news which stroke their big star Tim Curry.
The report revealed that Curry’s health fight is generally somewhat dated, as his representative declared. But I think that Tim has suffered from the stroke in July not as the report claimed that it stoke him in May.
So the big star Rocky Horror had stoke actually in July, not as the report which was presented by his representative that Tim’s stroke was happened in May.
That traumatic moment was not so breaking as we thought it initially, Tim is 67 years old, and he collapsed in his Hollywood heights, through his stoke which happened as the report claimed it in May23 , Mail Online declared.
After that stoke which stroke the big star Tim, he assigned Marcia Hurwitz to be his spokeswoman in front of his fans and lovers who are very anxious about his health status. So she said that his stoke was happened last July and she continued speaking to USA Today that he has been sent to the Physical therapy to examine his health status, and the result was great humor, she announced that Tim thanks his fans and people who cared about him and sending them his best regards for their sympathy with him.
Marcia may forget to mention when exactly that Tim had suffered his stoke through her Mail Online or the report deleted it.
She mentioned that he is now better and he can to speak and he will recovered quickly.
The star Tim is a big and Ironic actor, and I hope for him full healthy and to recover quickly to see him again throughout the small screen…. See you later in new article and until that time wish you happy time…. Goodbye.

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