Truck Crash Bridge and Cars Fall into Icy Water

The collapse of the bridge, which was built in 1955, has raised fears of a number of deputies Washington, DC
U.S. officials announced that the bridge collapse, which led to the fall of the cars in the water River "Skagit" frozen, in Washington. Which raised concerns about the safety of aging infrastructure in the country, caused by a truck collision in one of the girders of the bridge, at least?
After the incident, the truck crossed the bridge safely a loud sound issued by the collapse of part of the bridge, which led to the fall of two vehicles and a block of concrete in the river Thursday evening Thursday. Officials said he had to save three people.
Although no one is killed, the collapse of the steel bridge, which was built in 1955 sparked new calls from the part of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC, and other areas to increase investment in infrastructure aging and dilapidated in some cases.
But officials of the state of Washington said that preliminary indications show that the bridge, which has been examined twice last year, were not by structural defects, and that he fell because of the strength of the truck shock one bare. The governor of Washington state Jay Ainslie said at a press conference in Mount Vernon "There was a collision between a truck too heavy may have been going too fast for not a few casual and not just one, but several bares."
Officials say that the bridge, which is 90 kilometers north of Seattle, was not among the bridges that incorporated State as "structural defects" which in some cases be related to bridges that cannot carry cargo traffic targeted.

A spokesman for the traffic police in the state, Mark Francis, it was announced that the bridge, which is located on the road of the Fifth International, and connects the cities of Seattle and Vancouver, was the collapse of a sudden when one of the rural areas on Thursday evening, likely not the fall of a large number of victims. It was not immediately clear what caused the bridge collapse, which occurred about 60 miles, which is approximately 96 kilometers to the north of the city of Seattle.
Francis announced that the Department of Transportation in Washington State began an investigation into the incident.
The media broadcast images of the American scene, showing part of the bridge have fallen in the river water, while a large number of people swarming in place.

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