Spurs Lead Heat 2-1 in the American Basketball League Final

San Antonio Spurs Approached of the overthrow of the title holder of the Miami Heat Finals American Basketball League pro on his way to make his fifth tournament title.
And Spurs beat 113-77 on Tuesday night at home to Heat in the third confrontations teams a series seven games in the U.S. Basketball League final to lead 2-1 in the overall score yet.
Danny Green scored 27 points for Spurs yesterday, including seven triples, and substitute Gary Neal added 24 points to the team, which achieved the third-largest victory in the history of the NBA Finals after losing 84-103 in the second match against the Heat on Sunday.
And Leonard scored 14 points and 12 rebounds for Spurs, and Tim Duncan added 12 points for the team that outclassed the home to the Heat 63-33 in the second half of the match.
On the other side, Dwyane Wade scored 16 points for Heat and LeBron James added 15 points and Mike Miller had 15 points, all from the other three-pointers.
Spurs will host the fourth match against Heat final NBA league in San Antonio on Thursday evening.
But before the games all the speculations of the game turn towards Heat and the newspapers expected that spears face a difficult task in addressing the Miami Heat in the NBA finals.
Despite the success of San Antonio Spurs in reducing the risk of LeBron James in the second game of the series League semi-final NBA, he did not succeed in stopping the seriousness of the Miami Heat.
Really hard to overlook the seriousness of James, but if the defense focused on stopping gravity, he runs the risk of exposure to the risk to other players.
Tony Parker acknowledged Spurs player that the team will have to examine whether it will play the same way again in the third game in San Antonio on Tuesday.
San Antonio Spurs tied 1-1 with Miami in the series that the winner is calculated in accordance with and according to the result of seven games between them.
Parker said, "I'll talk with the coaching staff and see if we will do it again."
"It is clear that LeBron James brilliant. He scored points but the rest of their high-level players, too."
On his part, Manu the Spurs player said "I think that LeBron is the player who must pay attention to him ... but I do not think that is the solution has defeated us in the second half strongly."
"It was not LeBron is the one who is attacking us ... it was the entire Miami team win for us."

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