You like to be like a champion you should have ten ways

In order to be like a champion, you should have ten characteristics to fellow and then you will as you like, so I present to you ten winning behaviors in order to be a champion:
1. You should consider that the success is decision not your gift:
Champions always decide what they want, they may face failure but they try to do although they have fears, but they should do.
2. You should document and communicate your goals:
Champions tell their friends, they stick post-it notes everywhere, they set intermediate goals along the road, and they celebrate when reach to their goals.
3. You should make your choices:
Champions decide their choices whether it is a choice, excellence, etc.
4. You should have a plan:
Champions often reach to the dyed line, and they always search for new ways and techniques, they avid the chafing.
5. You should tackle your weakness and strength:
Champions often do their sports regularly, like swimming, running, and strength training in order to become strong and able to do the hard things.
6. You should lean on the others:
Champions know that they are on alone in the world like island, they should be independent and in the same time they may depend on the other in in order to get what they want.
7. You should accept change:
Champions know well that the key is to avoid getting permanently stuck in a rut.
8. You should prepare for the worst and hope for the best:
Champions know well that everything should go as planned, but they may face unexpected things or problems which will prevent them to reach to what they want, so they prepare themselves and in the same time they hope to get it.
9. You should keep things in perspective:
When champions win, lose or sink, their emotions never be solely wedded to a specific outcome.
10. You should stay positive:
Champions always believe that they are able to do everything and they think and say always “they can” not say” they cannot”.

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