Leyla Ghobadi claimed her relationship with Kanye West

Kanye West has slept twice with the Canadian model Leyla Ghobadi as she claimed during her interview with Star magazine, added that this happened while Kim Kardashian was pregnant.
Leyla Ghobadi is 24 years old and she said that Kim should know the relationship between her husband and her, and especially after her pregnancy.
So the fame moves into the doors of Ghobadi’s for 15 minutes either her claim is true or not.
Leyla Ghobadi chooses the best time to do it because many other infamous women see themselves high and dry when the hype calms down and the media takes the action.
The speaking about the mistresses of Hollywood takes  always in very short time, and as soon as the news are vanished by the media because in America , we hear a lot of thing about them but and then quickly we doesn’t any more about them.
In other story of the same subject we found that McGee wasthe3 mistress of Jesse James who is the best television personality, and was married to the Sandra Bullock the owner of Oscar-winning actress and until now McGee is trying to trade by this scandal.
The representative of Kim denied the reports and her husband Kanye’s said in commenting on this news that this is worst recent attack on Kanye and his wife Kim without a merit.
The scandal by Leyla Ghobadi is like a kind of media in trying to cheat clearly a happy family.
In the other hand, Kanye first saw Leyla through his show in Atlantic City in July last years when she was dancing between the crowds.
And in the same time his wife Kim was there, and then he invited Leyla for cocktails at AC’s HQ Nightclub, and after that into his hotel room, But as Leyla claimed that she refused his invitation and considered that is very rush.
On the contrary, Kanye claimed that he invited Leyla and her friend for the concert in the next week and gave them backstage passes.
Leyla said that she knew him with his wife Kim at that party, and she added that he told her about his relationship with Kim is just for publicity.

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