Anna Nicole

The actress Anna Nicole Smith made a great mark on developing reality TV and in celebutante culture, it was not hard to feel what she endured when she left her audience in tragedy. Anna Nicole Smith passed in her life through many ups and downs, but when she has a new baby girl Dannielynn Birkhead she started a new part of her life, then she made her way in the world . Then we know what happened any parents especially sad parents can feel and understand her inability of continuous the baby is the only constant in the star’s life it give them the feeling of life and happiness , she talks about the hard that face the woman whose her life play out in front of viewers for years . Bruckner said that she was very nervous and angry of taking the part because she was so famous and biggest than life, then she said that she asked her self what kind of movie are they making? And if she can do it? She said that she want to make different story all that gave her the confidence of herself to make the role.
The lovers of Anna Nicole Smith said that the star’s weight fluctuated and even she made a diet then she said they have worked a lot and they used cheek and neck pieces because when she was heavier she bleached her hair then they have wig pieces, she had different look. The wardrobe team made much lovely dress which we will see in the movie . The transformation create a reason to watch the film because it was unbelievable, then Bruckner said that the film is about Anna life and all circumstances which she lived in and all the changes in her life . we all should see the movie to know her more. 

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