Aaron Alexis is the suspected of gunning down twelve people at the Washington Navy

Aaron Alexis was arrested for firing a gun in Seattle in 2004 then in 2010 he again arrested for firing in Fort Worth. Aaron Alexis now is the suspected of firing a gun in Washington Navy and caused of killing twelve people.
The question now is why Aaron Alexis was there on Monday morning and recently he travelled a lot between Texas, New York and Washington.
Aaron Alexis was living in Southwest Washington at a Residence Inn. Alexis was working a subcontractor in a company called “ The Experts”.
It has been said that Aaron Alexis bought many weapons which is he can use in his crime, and then on Monday he went to the Navy Yard. He opened the fire and killed two people then he went to the building and killed many people. He did his crime which he planned for it in advance.
The chief of the FBI’s D.C Valerie Parlave said that he will do his best to give all the information about Aaron Alexis and about his actions.
There is information said that when Aaron Alexis was shooting he was serving information technology contractor in the same time.
Seattle police released his crimes in2004 and 2010 and how he used guns .
The friends and neighbors who know Aaron Alexis where he was lived that he is easygoing guy but he was always suffering from a lacks of money and jobs and he always likes to put gun in his belt.
Aaron Alexis has many problems and he likes to use his fists. Once there was an argument between Aaron and some guy about a girl, Aaron hit the man on his nose and blooding him then the police came and arrested him.
Now all the investigations are trying to reveal the truth and to bring all the information about Aaron Alexis. 

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