Diana Nyad completes historic Cuba to Florida swim

Diana Nyad who is 64 year old swam on Monday from Cuba to Florida without a protective cage. It takes from her 53 hours swimming after jumping into the ocean in Havana. It is her fifth try in 35 years.
Nyad said to CNN that it is her dream and she tries five times and when she reaches to 60 her dream achieves she always imagines of this moment but now it is not imagination. She added that the swimming was not easy and with all the experience she had suffered a lot and the air was bowling in bad way. Nyad said that she suffered a lot and all the salt water around her, the first day was on Saturday and she was singing to comfort herself and said “forget about the surface up. Push Cuba back and push Florida towards you.
There were many people with Nyad in the boats in the water or sitting in the shore waiting to celebrate with her after 100 mile of swimming.
When she arrived to the beach she walked to the doctor. Her face was swollen and sunburned, she was very tired but very happy. Nyad said that everyone should achieve his dream and the old will not prevent you to do it.
She tried four times and failed but in the fifth time she could do it. The first time she tried she was in 2, and now she achieves her dream in 64. She said “You can dream at any age”.
Diana Nyad was a swimming sensation before these attempts, she won multiple swimming marathons in 1,70. She was just 8 year old when she dreamed of swimming across the straits of Florida. She tried many times until she reached to her dream. She said that there is nothing impossible and you can achieve your dreams in any age you are.

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