Miley Cyrus on Wrecking Ball in new video

Miley Cyrus declared that her audience does not see the peak of her outrageous antics. She added that she made [MTV VMAs] and she has a lot of naughtier and more things that she is thinking about. Then she said that her mind is a fun place which has a lot of ideas. She always has new ideas and all of them are rare and special.
Miley Cyrus used wrecking ball in her new video which took a lot of questions about this new idea.
Miley Cyrus can do whatever she wants. She can grind all up on Robin Thicke’s crotch. For Miley Cyrus riding on wrecking ball is normal, so there is no problem for this star.
She always promises of making strange things 9she teamed with Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa on 23 kicking it off about her being in the club.
Miley Cyrus embarrassed Liam Hemsworth in recent theatrics but then they say that does not mean that they are separating . There is speculated about Liam Hemmsworth who was not pleased by Miley Cyrus on the stage or the naked man in her video .
He is very embarrassed about her new video and her performance and he also shocked, he had not any idea about what she did and he does not know what she may do in the future.
Miley Cyrus said that this video made a lot to her and it added a lot to her art way.
The video of Miley Cyrus took 19.3 million views just in the first 24 hours then 44 million views in 48 hours and 71 million views in 72 hours .
This video considered one of the most of her videos and it took a lot of success. We wait all new from Miley Cyrus and wish her good life.

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