Michael Jackson top dead profitable celebrity

The King of Pop "Michael Jackson" Leads "Forbes" list as the highest profitable dead celebrity with income reached 140 million dollars.

Despite the passage of five years since his death, but the American famous singer "Michael Jackson" still earns a lot of money for his albums that still compete counterparts, both dead and still alive singers, which led him to top the magazine's list of "Forbes" as the highest Celebrity dead profitable in 2014, surpassing the late "Elvis Presley" who reached his albums earnings for the same year to 55 million dollars.
According to Daily Mail "Forbes" has indicated that those profits due mostly to Xscape album which is the second album was released after the death of "Jackson" in 2009 after his first album, which was released in the same year, and was titled This is It . it is also the album No. 11, which is produced by companies, "Sony" and "Motown." it adds that this album has placed second in the list of the magazine.
The report indicates that the departed celebrities helps enhance their value and increase their profits means of modern technology, known as the "Holograph" and through in which embodying  personalities star-enabled three-dimensional theater a way that makes the viewer feel the presence of these characters real, which encouraged views different production on concerts and plays the presence of departed stars through this new medium, and on top of "Michael Jackson."
It is scheduled to participate, "Elvis Presley", placed second in the list in this modern Hooray, several concerts will be held next year in "Las Vegas" in addition to the possibility of his participation, "Jackson" at one of these concerts, where the company Authentic Brands Group, which bought the rights of ownership last year, compared to an amount of 125 million dollars (468 million SR) aims to earn more profit from this business.  
As for the following positions in the list of "Forbes" has occupied all of the "Charles Schulz" personal painter famous cartoon "Peanuts" in third place, and actress English "Elizabeth Taylor" in fourth place, and singer reggae Jamaican "Bob Marley" in fifth place .

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