Chris Brown arrested on Felony assault charge in D.C.

It is scheduled that Chris Brown performed a Howard University homecoming-related party at Saturday at the Park on Fourteenth.
Chris Brown was arrested outside a Washington hotel for felony assault on early Sunday, as the D.C. police spokesman announced.
Chris Brown and Christopher Hollosy were involved in a physical altercation with unknown man at 4:30 near of the W hotel, According to the police department spokesman Anthony Clay.
Clay said that alleged victim was taken to hospital and then he was released while Chris Brown and Christopher Hollosy were taken to custody.
Clay added that it is just physical altercation and there were no weapons involved. So they expected to remain in custody until Monday morning to go to the court.
It is scheduled that Chris have a party at the Park 14th, so Chris hosted a party in one of several nightclub events in town. And the owner of the establishment in Northwest Washington said that Chris Brown attended that party then he left at 2:30 a.m. and everything was fine.
As a lot of us know that Chris Brown is on Probation since 2009 when he plead guilty to attack Rihanna who was his then –girlfriend on the night before the Grammy Awards. Though he had five years of probation and was sentenced to community service, since that time he has a lot of run-ins with law enforcement officials.
Chris Brown was investigated by New York City police for a bottle –throwing bar brawl and involvement of Chris entourages and hip-hop star Drake in June 2012.
Then in February the investigation of an alleged parking space dispute between R&B star Frank Ocean and Brown was closed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department.

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