The most expensive bottle in the world of red wine in Dubai sold $ 195 thousand

Wine shop - “le Clos " announced for the availability of the most expensive bottle of red wine in the world in Dubai Airport branch , pointing out that the value of the bottle of $ 195 thousand , including a ticket to visit the factory " Chateau Margaux " in France, where it was produced .

The company introduced “Chateau Margaux " only three bottles of the most expensive wines in the world with a capacity of 12 liters for one, in Concourse A lounge at Dubai International Airport.

For his part, stated, “Powell Bontileir” Head of Production and Managing Director of “Chateau Margaux," that red wine precious of production in 2009, which is one of the best and finest versions of the company at all, since it began production of wine before more than 400 years.
Wine is defined as protects the body from heart disease and cancer, but it turns out now that he might play a role by helping to get rid of excess weight, too.

According to British media reported that a group of American researchers conducted a study which discovered that DDT “Bestanol " , found in red wine , delay the generation of small fat cells and inhibit their development into mature cells that plays a role in weight loss.

Dr. Ki Hong Kim of Purdue University in Indiana explained that this DDT impedes the ability of insulin to activate genes that work through the stages of the formation of fat cells.

He said that “the existence of Bestanol can note delay or a complete halt to the growth of small fat cells.”

It is noteworthy that this DDT is also found in grapes and berries.

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