Martini (Cocktail)

The Martini or Dry Martini is a famous Italian pre-dinner cocktail made with gin and dry vermouth. It is an official cocktail of the IBA, with the name "Dry Martini".
6 cl gin
1 cl of dry vermouth
1 green olive
Oil 1 slice of lemon peel
Take a Martini cup and fill it with ice cubes in order to simultaneously cooling the walls and keep it very cold throughout the preparation of cocktails, then fill a mixing glass with ice cubes. Remove excess water from the mixing glass. Separate the ice Season by adding 1 cl of dry vermouth in a mixing glass, stir well. Remove the ice cubes from the martini cup once brought to room temperature. Pour the vermouth in the martini glass filtering it from the ice. Repeat the aromatization of ice left in the mixing glass, this time with 6 cl gin. Pour the gin in the martini glass, always filtering the ice. Lightly squeeze the oil of a piece of lemon peel over the cocktail. Add as a green olive topping. 
The origin of the name is waged, between Some say it is the name of the Italian bartender who first was in New York in 1912, he would have prepared for John D. Rockefeller, while the Others say it comes from the famous cocktail Jerry Thomas (aka the Professor) the Martinez (1850), according to others the Martinez was transformed into a Martini by Julio Richelieu in 1870, still others say is linked with the "Martini & Rossi".
There are several variations of the martini, such as Sweet Martini, Perfect and Medium Martini in addition to Vodka Martini, whose variation is the Vesper cocktail, became famous as James Bond's favorite cocktail. The Dry Martini was part of the 6 fundamental recipes of "The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks" by David A. Embury, 1948.
The recipe proposed by Embury was as follows:
 7 parts of gin
1 part vermouth dry
A version very dry Martini is represented by Hemingway, which takes its name from the famous writer and is prepared by mixing dry martini (1 part) in a mixing glass with ice, then throw away the Martini and mix in the same way 9 parts gin. Then pour the contents into the classic cup and pre-cooled before serving, squeeze a little lemon zest 2 times.

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