NBA returns and Miami Heat begins a title defense trip by beating the Bulls while Atlanta Hawks coach praises annexation deal of Mexican Gustavo ion

Miami Heat began a title defense trip Football League NBA with a 107-95 win over the Chicago Bulls after a strong showing on Tuesday.

This is one of the three games was held yesterday at the start of the season 2013-2014.

The Bulls had hoped to celebrate the return of veteran midfielder Derrick Rose to run for his first match since suffering a knee injury in April 2012 but was unable to withstand the Heat.
The Heat scored 31 points compared to only five points for the Bulls, over a period of time in the first half of the game and made a difference of 25 points before the Bulls reduces it to nine points before a minute and 40 seconds from the end of the meeting.

Carlos Boozer Bulls player set at the top of the list of registrant’s points in the game with 31 points, while Rose could only record 12 points.
U.S. President Barack Obama before match welcomed the return of Rose - the best player in the NBA in 2011 - through Tweets on the social networking site Twitter.

Despite the absence of Kobe Bryant managed the Los Angeles Lakers in a 116-103 win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

Paul George scored 24 points and continued to help the Indiana Pacers to a 97-87 win over the Orlando Magic.

On the other hand, Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer praised on the Mexican Gustavo ion, which took place for the team in the new season of the National Football League championship NBA (NBA), especially for fitness.

Budenholzer said to the German Press Agency (d. B. A): "works hard, provides a presence physically large, and the level of intelligence in playing basketball is very high, and has the ability to pass the ball ... offers something of everything, but in particular, physical side was more what we thought of it has chosen one of our group. "
The coach said: "We are delighted that there is Gustavo in our team," noted that he is the other begins his first season in training the American Basketball League, having worked as an assistant to Gregg Popovich in San Antonio.

Atlanta will be the fourth team playing the ion in less than two years.

The rate of Mexican clubs with the New Orleans Hornets, Orlando Magic and Milwaukee Bucks is 8.4 points and 3.4 follow-up in every game.

Ion said about his future: "I want to be a major player here, an important player."

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