Cristiano: it should compare me with Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid striker said that his style of playing is different from Lionel Messi Barcelona striker, so it should not be comparison between them continuously.

In an interview with the English magazine (4-4-2), which has chosen as the best English player through 2013, Cristiano said that Football is a team sport, not an individual, so you cannot say that there is a better player, but if he was surrounded by a group of senior colleagues.
The Cristiano: "without my colleagues and trainers who learned of them in addition to the fans who play for it and my family, because I was not able to access what I am now."

And Cristiano went on to thank the magazine for selecting him the best player this year, noting that this honor crowned with the effort of the players round the charming "and I feel that I made a good performance and strong in 2013."
And about Royal ambition during this season that his team Cristiano responded that his team can crown with  Champions League and La Liga Also, noting that Real Madrid is currently in third place in La Liga with 34 points, three points behind Atletico Madrid and  six behind leader Barcelona.

With regard to the possibility of being crowned as the biggest scorer in the Champions League and La Liga this season, Cristiano said: "I hope that we can achieve all of this."
And Cristiano expressed his pleasure of playing alongside Welshman Gareth Bale "He is a good player, it also enhances our offensive. As I used in the past on a good understanding with Wayne Rooney and now easy understanding with Bale. Good Players easily understand and they can easily cope with them."

About The description Joseph Blatter, president of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) for him that Cristiano as Commander in the stadium Cristiano said: "I'm not sure that the word leader is correct. We have a lot of leaders in the team not only on the pitch but outside as well."

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